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Lula Body Patches are your new secret weapon to soothe period pain & relax sore muscles. Slim, discreet, fast warming and long lasting, they deliver therapeutic warmth and pain relief for up to 10 hours. From your desk to chasing after the kids or enjoying a night out with friends, wear the warmth wherever life takes you.


Heat therapy and pain relief on-the-go!


• Air Activated
• Heats Instantly
• Warms to 50°C
• Lasts up to 10 hours
• 5 x Discreet Patches


Use the patches:
• To help soothe period pain
• Relax sore muscles on your back, neck and shoulders
• Warmth on a chilly day.


The Lula body patches are slim, discreet, fast warming and long lasting. They provide therapeutic warmth and pain relief for up to 10 hours. 



  • Tear open the pouch and the magical self-warming process will begin! 
  • Remove the patch and peel away the backing strip.
  • Stick the patch to your clothing or underwear. Do not stick on the skin.
  • The heat patch will start warming within a few minutes of opening, reaching it's maximum temperature of 50 degrees in about 30 minutes.
  • Now relax and enjoy the soothing warmth for up to 10 hours.



Patch size: 21cm x 9cm



  • Do not stick directly on skin.
  • Do not use on the face, on broken skin, bruises or swelling.
  • Do not use whilst asleep or with prolonged pressure against patch.
  • Do not use on the same area for more than 10 hours in any 24 hour period.
  • Do not use in conjunction with any other source of heat or with pain rubs, medicated creams or ointments.
  • Do not bandage over the heating patch.
  • Do not use if the heat pack is punctured, leaking, damaged, or torn.
  • Do not use on infants, children or anyone who is unable to remove the heating patch on their own.
  • Do not use if pregnant, diabetic or have circulation issues, nerve damage or a skin condition or an allergy to sticking plasters. Always consult a doctor before use if unsure.
  • Do not use heat patch on thin or delicate fabrics, the adhesive could cause damage.
  • Do not cut, fold, massage or wet the patch.



  • For external use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • The patch is single use only, do not microwave or attempt to reheat in any way as this could cause patch to catch fire.
  • If contents come into contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • If swallowed, rinse mouth with water and contact a poison control centre immediately.
  • Heating patches have the potential to cause skin irritation, burns or blisters.
    Discontinue use if skin sensitivity occurs or the patch gets uncomfortably hot.



Store in cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.



Iron powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt and water.

LULA Self-Warming Body Patches

$20.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price
  • Iron powder, vermiculite, activated carbon, salt and water.

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